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“Life will only change when you become more committed to your DREAMS than you are to your comfort zone.” Billy Cox

Besides being a nutter who taught people to jump out of perfectly serviceable aeroplanes, and then while hurtling towards the ground at 120mph, coached them on formation skydiving teamwork …

… More about our Managing Director

I am a certified business coach and business growth specialist.

You can have the confidence that I understand the issues faced everyday by business owners, having faced them myself. I am an experienced business owner, having spent three and a half years as Managing Director and Co-Owner of a successful specialist ergonomics business prior to starting my current company.

You can be assured I have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to you and your team about how to achieve in sales, marketing and leadership and how you can make potential customers into raving fans for your business. I have over thirty years experience in sales and marketing, team management and commercial leadership positions working with and for public and private sector organisations from small family-owned companies to Fortune 500 organisations.

You can also be assured that with ActionCOACH, You will have the world’s best systems and strategies to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

What You Will Get With Me As Your Business Coach

Born and bred in Accrington, an East Lancashire mill town, you’ll get a straight talking Lancashire lad. I will be your friend and confidante, but I will hold you accountable for the goals you set and the actions you take. We may well have a few uncomfortable conversations along the way.

Find out about what else you will get with me as your coach by reading the ActionCOACH Guarantee. CLICK HERE

DISC Certification

Certified DISC Practitioner

Certified Business Coach


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