Are you a local North West based charity or not-for-profit organisation looking to optimise your impact within your community?

Coaching for a Cause is a way for ActionCOACH Business Coaches to give back to their communities by providing pro-bono coaching hours to local non-profit organisations

Coaching for a Cause


It is in our team’s DNA to give back and provide education in our communities to spread abundance

Coaching for a Cause achieves both. By donating time and know-how to a non-profit or charitable organisation, our coaches teach the leaders of those organisations to i

Increase income, efficiency and effectiveness. When the non-profit organisation becomes more successful, it serves more in need within the community and raises the level of abundance for all.

Coaching for a Cause is 100% voluntary and Action Coaches from around the world report their successes and share best practices, offering key learnings to the rest of the ActionCOACH community. You can read more about some of the unique programmes happening around the world by following #coach4acause

FAQs for Charities and Not For Profit Organsations

Q: What is Coaching for a Cause?

Coaching for a Cause’ is an initiative started by ActionCOACH back in 2008 for its network of more
than 1,000 offices in 80 countries. The programme encouraged all ActionCOACH coaches to commit
annually to coaching at least one nonprofit on a local, regional or national level.
Based on work ActionCOACH founder and CEO Brad Sugars systemised for a charitable organisation he
worked with years ago and best practices shared with the community by participating coaches over
the past twenty years, ‘Coaching for a Cause’ is designed exclusively for the nonprofit sector.
Not only is the programme intended to help nonprofits leverage their current efforts and current
resources in more effective ways, the overall objective of the effort is to help more recipients
and to build stronger communities through increased giving and donations.

Q: Why is ActionCOACH Bolton doing this?

As the current economic shutdown has hurt traditional “for-profit” businesses, it has also
negatively impacted the non-profit sector – to the extent that many non-profits are drastically
cutting services or in some cases, closing their doors.
By delivering ActionCOACH’s proven business development methodologies to the nonprofit sector, the
Foundation believes it can greatly impact the communities in which it works in a positive way.
The vision of ActionCOACH and its foundation is “world abundance through business re- education.”
Both visions can only be achieved by extending coaching services to the nonprofit sector.
Not only are nonprofit organisations “businesses,” many of those that need the most help are
suffering from challenges similar to their for-profit counterparts – namely reduced donations, poor
team morale and smaller targets for generating new donations. By delivering proven programmes that
help build for-profit companies to the nonprofit category, ActionCOACH Foundation is looking to
fulfill its vision by helping build better communities through charities
that are more efficient, more effective and recipients of more donations than ever before.

The Foundation recognises that without a shift in mindset, many of these charities will fail,
thereby robbing the world of the good they could have shared. The Foundation was formed to help
formalise the process and accelerate awareness and progress toward the end goal.

Q: What can we expect to get from this programme?

Each nonprofit that participates in the ‘Coaching for a Cause’ programme will receive at least five
hours of coaching every month on areas of the most critical and essential need.
Those needs, goals and objectives will be different for each nonprofit, which is why the
ActionCOACH heading the initiative for that nonprofit will spend some time in an initial
“diagnostic” meeting to assess current performance, metrics and benchmarks.
Based on that initial assessment, both the nonprofit and the ActionCOACH will work together,
usually for a minimum of six months, to improve targeted results. Not only will the ActionCOACH
deliver strategies and tactics to the nonprofit, he or she will also work with the nonprofit team
to show them how to internalise and systemise those methodologies – so the nonprofit can benefit
from those strategies not just once, but over and over again for long-term success.

Q: How will results be measured?

Benchmarks and metrics for the ‘Coaching for a Cause’ programme will be measured on a monthly basis
through the ActionCOACH “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)” portal of its performance system.
Those results will be reported on a monthly basis, by the 15th of the month following the reporting

Q: Do ActionCOACH / Coaching For A Cause programmes really work?

The business development tools and strategies that ‘Coaching for a Cause’ will deliver to the
nonprofit sector have been tested and proven in tens of thousands of businesses all over the world
for the past two decades.
Click here for third party reviews of the different kinds of businesses that ActionCOACH has
The ActionCOACH system, based on Brad Sugars’ concept of the “business chassis” – or foundation on
which all successful businesses are built – is easily applicable and transferable to the nonprofit
category. While exteriors of each business or non-profit organisation are different, the internal
factors that drive business success – the chassis of each organisation – are the same for every
business and organisation.

Q: Are we obligated to ActionCOACH Bolton after the programme ends?

No. ‘Coaching for a Cause’ generally requires a six-month commitment from the nonprofit in order to
achieve results. After this initial commitment has been met, you are under no obligation to
However, if you and your organisation want to continue your coaching relationship with ActionCOACH
Foundation, you can continue with the programme for as long as you and your coach feel the process is

Q: What if we don’t want the world to know we are being coached?

‘Coaching for a Cause’ is designed to be an open and transparent process; however, if you and your
ActionCOACH decide it is best for you to participate in the programme without any outside
media mentions, that decision will be left to you and your coach.

How To Apply?

Do you want to be considered for our Coaching For a Cause Programme? Please fill in your details in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.